Group Events

Margaret Kimura’s team is available for events of any size.  From just a few excited individuals to large international seminars and Hollywood events, Margaret’s team can handle all of your needs.




  1. Events of any size
  2. Events of any length
  3. Events of any type: (Lecture, Lab & Photography)
  4. Onsite or Online
  5. Translation (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish etc..)
  6. Variety of Locations available (Hotel, Studio or Sound Stage)
  7. Accommodations (Apartment or Hotel)
  8. Extra Curricular Activities/Tourism? (Studio Tour, Amusement Park, Hollywood Sign etc…)
  9. Travel Arrangements (Airfare etc…)
  10. Transportation (Vans, Buses etc..)
  11. Drivers/Chaperones for Transportation